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Hi Jeffrey, Thank you for your answer. I only have login information for the basic settings. I have also saved this in the basic settings. I don't have SFTP passphrase credentials. I only entered! SFTP in the SSL configuration (no profile created) because I understood it to be only an indicator. But unfortunately I always get this error when connecting: ERROR <Ens> ErrFailureTimeout: FailureTimeout of 15 seconds was exceeded in EnsLib.FTP.PassthroughOperation; last attempt had the status ERROR <Ens> ErrOutConnectFailed: SFTP connection was established for (externIP: 22 / profil_FTP_User / SSL = '! SFTP' / PubKey = '' / PrivKey = '' with the error ERROR # 7500: SSH error '- 2146430958 ': SSH Error [80101012]: Authentication failed (username / password) [80101012] at Session.cpp: 284.0 aborted  

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