· Mar 3, 2021

The service for the Caché instance did not start.

Getting this error when starting up Caché: 

I've recently deleted several Caché namespaces to clear up space, turned Caché off, and then this started happening. Caché cube is grey, but only the start Caché option is unavailable. 

Caché is still running, but just not completely:


The Windows Event Viewer application has the following error: 

There are also the following logs in the mgr/cconsole.log file. I can provide more if necessary. 

03/03/21-14:18:23:206 (13360) 0 START: C:\InterSystems\Cache\mgr\journal\20210303.005
03/03/21-14:18:23:206 (13360) 1 Warning: Alternate and primary journal directories are the same
03/03/21-14:18:23:222 (13360) 0 CACHE JOURNALING SYSTEM MESSAGE
Journaling started to: c:\intersystems\cache\mgr\journal\20210303.005
03/03/21-14:18:23:222 (13360) 0 Journaling to C:\InterSystems\Cache\mgr\journal\20210303.005 started.
...some lines later...
03/03/21-14:18:25:659 (15652) 0 (ZUTSTART): ^ZUTSTART Version 1.10: Configurable Cache Startup Utility
03/03/21-14:18:25:659 (15652) 0 (ZUTSTART): ZUTSTART is un-tested in this version of Cache.
03/03/21-14:18:25:659 (15652) 0 (ZUTSTART): Running ZUTSTART....
03/03/21-14:18:25:659 (15652) 0 (ZUTSTART): ZUTSTART not configured. Run SETUP^ZUTSTART
03/03/21-14:18:25:659 (15652) 0 (ZUTSTART): To configure, use this command:      DO SETUP^ZUTSTART
03/03/21-14:18:25:659 (15652) 0 (ZUTSTART): For help, use the following command: DO HELP^ZUTSTART
03/03/21-14:18:25:859 (12916) 0 Private webserver started on 57772
03/03/21-14:18:26:214 (12916) 0 Processing Shadows section (this system as shadow)
03/03/21-14:18:26:214 (12916) 0 Processing Monitor section
03/03/21-14:18:27:031 (14768) 0 LMF Info:  License server started on port 4001
03/03/21-14:18:27:447 (148) 0 [System Monitor] System Monitor started in %SYS
03/03/21-14:18:29:036 (14768) 0 LMF Info:  Connected to license server,4001
03/03/21-14:19:27:504 (148) 2 1 SSL/TLS Certificate(s) expiring within 30 days. See cconsole.log for details.
03/03/21-14:19:27:505 (148) 1 Certificate 13298795840390663119752826058995181320 Issuer CN=DST Root CA X3,O=Digital Signature Trust Co. (Subject CN=Let's Encrypt Authority X3,O=Let's Encrypt,C=US)  expires in 14 days (2021-03-17).
03/03/21-14:19:27:505 (148) 0 Certificate 13298795840390663119752826058995181320 Issuer CN=DST Root CA X3,O=Digital Signature Trust Co. in file c:\intersystems\cache\mgr\groundca.pem used by SSL/TLS configuration(s) "groundca"
03/03/21-14:49:29:062 (148) 0 [SYSTEM MONITOR] Alert state cleared.
03/03/21-15:31:36:247 (15060) 1 Operating System shutdown!  Cache performing fast shutdown.
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This is best to be handled by the WRC. Please contact and provide the full cconsole.log as well as the timing of your attempted startup and details of what you deleted, how, and when.

For what it's worth, my best hypothesis based on the snippets you provided is that you have custom startup code that isn't completing (possibly due to whatever you deleted), which is blocking startup from continuing.