Greg Arnold · Apr 12, 2017

Separate ports for Management Portal vs SOAP/REST Services to block access to Mgmt Portal

We are using an F5 load balancer to route public traffic to our IS server. My goal is to block public access to the Management Portal, and only allow what we want to expose, such as REST/SOAP services. At the F5, they can block URL wildcards or specific ports, so those are our options.

Since the URLs for the web services are in the same path ([host]/csp/healthshare/[namespace]/*), I can't see any URL wildcards happening. That leads me to ports; is there a way to put services on a specific port for all services, and everything else stay on a standard web port?

Any insight or ideas would be helpful.

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Maybe define an extra Web Application in Portal for your REST/SOAP services to be available on. Choose whatever path suits you, making it one that doesn't overlap with one that Management Portal uses.

Great thought, but each web application that is created must be tied to a given namespace, and my services will be in many different ones.

Anything stopping you creating one app for each namespace?

Eduard, that only restricts access to the CSP Web Gateway Management pages. It has no effect on who can use the web applications that can be reached through this instance of the CSP Web Gateway.