· Apr 8, 2019

Sending a text by TCP

Hello gentlemen,


I have to create a objectscript program that will simulate a mainframe (because it's going to be removed). For my program, I receive data from another program that is written in Delphy by TCP on a preset socket.  Here is my problem, how can I handle this? 
Which class shoud my program  extend?
Which Adapter should I use?
My program must be able to read what the delphy one is sending and i don't really know what structure it is in what it is in. So is there a class that can allow me to read it? Thanks for your future anwers.
Here is a sample of what I have thought but doesn't work.


Class citadelle.test.ListenningToNewDoc Extends Ens.BusinessService

Property TargetConfigNames As %String(MAXLEN = 1000);

Property MotClefTcpText As %String;

Parameter SETTINGS = "MotClefTcpText:Basic, TargetConfigNames:Basic:selector?multiSelect=1&context={Ens.ContextSearch/ProductionItems?targets=1&productionName=@productionId},SendAcknowledgement:Connection,GetStreamName:Connection";

Parameter ADAPTER = "EnsLib.TCP.PassthroughService";

Method OnProcessInput(pInput As %Stream.Object, Output pOutput As %RegisteredObject) As %Status
    s sc=$$$OK
    $$$TRACE("Ik ben hier")
    q sc

//Method OnInit() As %Status
 //    s ..Adapter.Terminators=$C(13,28)
 //    q ##super()

Method resolveAndIndex(pDoc As %Persistent) As %Status
    Quit $$$OK

ClassMethod OnGetConnections(Output pArray As %String, pItem As Ens.Config.Item)
    Do ##super(.pArray,pItem)
    If pItem.GetModifiedSetting("TargetConfigNames",.tValue) {
        For i=1:1:$L(tValue,",") { 
            Set tOne=$ZStrip($P(tValue,",",i),"<>W")  
            Continue:""=tOne  Set pArray(tOne)="" }




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Here is the 2 errors I receive by just lauching my code into a connector.

ERREUR <Ens>ErrException: <UNDEFINED>zinitConfig+4 ^Ens.Host.1 *pConfigName -- - connecté en tant que '-'
numéro - @'
Set ..%ConfigName = pConfigName'
ERREUR <Ens>ErrException: <INVALID OREF>zinitConfig+8 ^Ens.Host.1 -- - connecté en tant que '-'
numéro - @'
Set ..Adapter.BusinessHost = $this