· Aug 8, 2019

Sending Get request

Hello! I'm sending get request. When send the request bellow 

Set httprequest=##class(%Net.HttpRequest).%New()
Set httprequest.Server=url
Do httprequest.Get("/"_par1_"/"_par2)

 Set statusCode = httprequest.HttpResponse.StatusCode

I get http status 200, but should get 410 status. Since the parameters passed are not valid. 

If I send request differently as below, I get http status 410, which is correct. 

Do httprequest.Get("/2019/0912")

What is the difference between these two requests Do httprequest.Get("/"_par1_"/"_par2) and Do httprequest.Get("/2019/0912")?

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Remember about the second parameter in methods like Get and Post, which named test, which you can use for debugging purposes.

 If test is 1 then instead of connecting to a remote machine it will just output what it would have send to the web server to the current device, if test is 2 then it will output the response to the current device after the Get. This can be used to check that it will send what you are expecting.