· Mar 29, 2017

Send email from HealthShare using NHS Mail


I am trying to send an email in a producion using the EMailAlert business operation, class EnsLib.EMail.AlertOperation using NHS Mail.

Has anyone succeeded in doing this? If so can you tell me how.


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Hi Sue,

I believe our ISC UK Sales Engineer has managed to help you solve the issue, so here I just follow up to post the corresponding answer in the hope to close this query.   

1. Settings for the EmailAlert Business Operation

SMTP Server

SMTP Port 587

CredentialsValid NHS Mail Username/Password Credentials

SSL Configuration Name of Configuration suffixed with *

Note: A "*" needs to be appended to the SSL Configuration name (an example as below). The documentation states: “this supports the special case when you want the server interaction to begin on a normal TCP socket and then switch to SSL/TLS on the same port as the normal socket.” 

2. SSL Configuration sample for NHSMail (SMTPS on mail server port 587)

Please let us know if there are further issues with any other scenario of NHS Mail configurations.

Kind Regards.