· Sep 9, 2016

"Secure storage may be corrupted" error in Server Explorer each time Atelier is relaunched on a Mac

I've seen a few reports of issues for Mac users where every relaunch of Atelier throws errors related to Secure Storage . Trying to save a server connection displays the error:

 Secure storage may be corrupted: see Help section on troubleshooting.

The server connection also has a red X with a corresponding message in the Error Log:

Secure storage was unable to retrieve the master password from the OS keyring. Make sure that this application has access to the OS keyring. If the error persists, the password recovery feature could be used, or secure storage can be deleted and re-created.

We can temporarily get rid of this error by going to Atelier > Preferences > Security > Secure Storage > Contents > select [Default Secure Storage] and click Delete. Then you confirm that you want to delete and are prompted to restart the application. After a restart you're asked to enter security questions and answers, then the server connection works fine for that Atelier session.

But the next time you relaunch the Atelier client and check the server connection, the Secure Storage issue is back. Then you have to follow that whole process again. Is there a more durable solution?

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This is a Mac configuration problem. The longer-lasting solution is to disable the OS X password provider, and you can do this by:

  1. Go to Atelier > Preferences > General > Security > Secure Storage
  2. Under the Password tab uncheck "OS X Keystore Integration" from the list of password providers
  3. Apply changes
  4. Atelier will prompt you to set a Secure Storage password which you will now need to enter each time Atelier is launched

- Joyce