Rodolfo Santos · Jan 2, 2019

Secure Connection - Atelier 1.3

Hello everyone,

I'm using Atelier 1.3. When we configure a server and use HTTP to connect, works fine. But when we activate the Secure connection option I get the Unregonized SSL message, plaintext connection?

Do I need to perform any configuration on my server so that Atelier can access a secure connection?

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Did you enable HTTPS on your webserver?  If so, that typically means a new port (default: 443), which you would need to add to your connection.  If not, do you know how to enable HTTPS on your webserver?

I tried to enable SSL / TLS on the server but I could not.

Can you provide more details about how you tried to enable SSL/TLS? Did you do this on the Caché server, or on the web server?

As Kyle mentioned, the first step is to use an IP and port for a web server that has HTTPS configured. If you do not know how to do this, I would suggest reaching out to your system administrators. You can also feel free to get in touch with Support or your InterSystems Sales team to discuss this in more depth.

Hello, I tried to find some configuration on the cache server so that the Atelier application was accessed with HTTPS but I did not find it on the server.
In Web Gateway Management I can put a certificate and leave the server with HTTPS active, but this would impact all my applications, I would only make access to the Atelier via HTTPS.
My question is not about how to connect the client to the server, it is about changing the connection form of the Atelier to use HTTPS

Sorry, perhaps I need to give a little more background than exactly none :-)

The way Atelier connects to Caché (eq. Ensemble, HealthShare, IRIS) is via a webserver.  Atelier connects to the webserver and the webserver connects to Caché.  What you need to do is set up the webserver to allow HTTPS connections.  To do this, you could use the Private Apache that we ship with Caché (eq. ...), or you could install a full version of Apache or IIS to do this.  Alternatively, you could set up a webserver local to your machine. 

Honestly, you might be better off opening a WRC case ( or and one of us would be happy to help you in all the gory details.  There are lots of questions to be asked here such as what attack vectors are you protecting against and where your server, webserver, and Atelier are all installed.. 

Hi Rodolfo,

do you have some solutions by intersystems support on the "secure connection with Atelier" case ?