Deploying code to production site

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I was hoping for some input on the best way to deploy code to site with the following criteria:

 - No source code, only compiled code to be deployed.
 - Classes and Routines are part of the application.
 - Data and code reside in the same database.
 - Deployments might be partial updates  (i.e. cannot just send a complete CACHE.DAT).

At present the idea is just to export the .obj, any suggestions?

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I suggest you look into using the DeployToFile() and InstallFromFile() methods of the %Studio.Project class.  A discussion of the topic can be found here in the docs:


Another option is calling  the following on individual classes:



But since you are looking at just pushing partial updates, most likely the DeployToFile() with the parameter to strip out the source will be your best bet.

That looks ideal for what we need, not sure how I missed this in the past.