Ujwal Parikh · Mar 18, 2021

Routing Acks to a different Interface

Routing acks from one operation to another:

I was working on a scenario in which I wanted the acks and/nacks received from one downstream system to another interface which is not the source of the original message. Is there a way to achieve this scenario?

The reason being there's a separate interface handling the acks and will be used to manage the errors.

Thank you for the help!

Product version: IRIS 2020.1
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I believe that the HL7 Router which you are using to send to the operation should have a configuration item for setting the response target (called ResponseTargetConfigNames).

So the route the message would take is:

Thank you! That seem to do the trick. In my HL7 router, just below bad message handler I added the Business Service in Response from and new operation in  ResponseTargetConfigNames.

In addition in order to route the Nacks, I changed the Reply Code Action from default to :?R=RF,:?E=W,:~=S,:?A=C,:*=S,:I?=W,:T?=C in my original operation.

Additional documentation can be found at:

Thanks again!