Retrieving REST Data

I'm sending data via ajax to my REST service, and while retrieving any information sent in the url parameter is easy when they're defined in the route, I can't get anything if I store information in the data parameter. For example:

               url: "ServerURL",
               data: { "some": "json" } //How do I get this information?


I've looked at many common solutions such as here:

However, %request seems empty for the most part. I can get the url of the request and the method type, but Data, Content, Content.Read(), etc. are always empty. I feel like something simple is missing here that I'm not seeing. Any help is appreciated!



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Take a look to this simple example:

Maybe it helps to detect the problem

Fantastic! This is perfect, thank you so much!

From your example, at a minimum I had to add two parameters to my ajax:

contentType: "application/json",
dataType: "json",

And then to retrieve them, the REST service simply needs this to send back to the client whatever was in the message:

set jsonstring = $ZCONVERT(%request.Content.Read(),"I","UTF8")
set data = {}.%FromJSON(jsonstring)
write data.%ToJSON()

Thanks again!


Hi David

Are you specifying the HTTP verb in the $.ajax call?



Yes, this is the whole call, with the intention of receiving whatever I sent back to me:

                headers: { "Authorization": "Basic " + btoa("username:password") },
                type: "POST",
                data: {
                    "payload": "some data"
                success: function (response) {



Then the route:

<Route Url="/returnresponse" Method="POST" Call="ReturnResponse" Cors="false"/>

The method:

ClassMethod ReturnResponse() as %Status {
    try {
        set obj = %request.Data //...Contents...etc.
        write obj   
    catch ex {
        write ex.Name
    return $$$OK


Try reading the Request data with this

Set updateJSON = %request.Content.Read()

Edited because I missed that you already tried this?

Right, I get an <INVALID OREF> error when I try that.

Could you try making the call with a REST client like RESTLet for Chrome, and seeing if the request comes through on that method?

The message gets sent and a reply comes through successfully, but the body information still isn't seen by the rest service.