· Apr 21, 2023

Restoring a backup

I have a client who' recently acquired a business that was running software that uses InterSystems IRIS as the database back end.  In the process of preparing to have my company's software installed the client formatted the hard drive of his server, wiping out his data.  I can't convert the data to MS SQL without a functioning database.  He had a backup on an external drive, which I have copied down to my local machine.  I loaded up  a virtual machine with Windows 10 Pro, I installed Docker and IRIS.  I started searching for explicit instructions for restoring the .CBK file, but I'm not having much luck.  I found the link below, but it assumes prior knowledge, which I do not have.  My background is in MS SQL.  I  need very explicit, step-by-step instructions.  Can someone point me to such a resource?

Product version: IRIS 2022.3
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Thank you very much.  This has me moving in the right direction.  However, now I am getting a message that the .CBK is not an InterSystems IRIS Backup File.  

The backup was created in Cache', but I was told that IRIS is backward compatible.  Is restoring a Cache' backup not permitted or is there a different procedure for that?

Thank you.

If the original install media is not available, there are currently non-Docker software distributions for Cache 2018.1 available via Your customer's business may have a license and support account with InterSystems to logon and download install the media.

Is there a "*.cpf" configuration file available in the backup or original server install folder? This will include configuration for namespaces and databases involved, and how they are mapped for data and "table" definitions. ie: A CBK is a single file with consistent backup of multiple databases each which would  be restored to a equivalent distinct database file location.

Anticipate the OS architecture may need to be the same. ie: Backed-up on windows, then would restore to different  install also on windows.