Mike Kadow · Jun 7, 2016

Restore the Samples namespace back to the "Installed State"?

Hello, is there a way to reset all of the Sample Classes back to their "Installed State."? In other words, delete all the other classes I have put into the samples namespace and leave only those classes that were there when I installed the instance.?

-thank you

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Maybe try "upgrading" you Cache instance to the same version as you already have?

Thanks for the suggestion John, but re-installing the same version over the current version did not restore the Samples namespace to its "Installed State."

If a database is missing from an installation, aka if you remove your old SAMPLES cache.dat, and THEN do the reinstall, that will populate a new, fresh SAMPLES database back to it's original state.

Fastest way?  Probably to do a side-by-side install and just do a swap of the .DAT files.  

Kyle, yes, I suppose that would work, I guess I was looking for something a bit more elegant. But, whatever works.

Perhaps there should be something in place, where multiple developers don't step on each other as they work in Samples, but that is for another post. 

Thank you.