· Apr 26, 2017

Restore Database issue

Hi Everybody,

I'm trying to restore database to a 2016.2.2.853 caché version but i've some problems ...

Into my backup file, i've 6 namespaces. After use the Do ^DBREST and configure all namespace into the portal, I can only reach 2 of 6.


when I write zn "blabla" into the terminal, i've got this error message :

ZN "blabla"
<DIRECTORY> *r:\data\blabla

Of course, Database and namespace are correctly define.

I've try this on a previous version of caché (2015.2.2.811) and it's working fine.
So, do you already got this kind of issue with your caché server ?


Tanks a lot for your help!


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Can you look in the directory r:\data\blabla :

there should be a CACHE.DAT, and it should not be locked by another Caché instance.

You can verify who locked the CACHE.DAT file by looking at the cache.lck file in the same directory, this file contains the mgr directory  of the Caché instance who mounted the CACHE.DAT database :

  • If Caché is not running, there should not be a cache.lck file.
  • If Caché is running, the cache.lck should contain the mgr directory and server name of the Cache instance.

You can stop Caché and delete the cache.lck file if any of the previous conditions are false. After startup and mount, the cache.lck file should automatically be created with the proper mgr directory name. (mount will occur by accessing the database or namespace using the database).

Thanks for your answer.

When I stop Caché, all Cache.lck files are automaticaly destroy.

After that, I start Caché, I go check if the database are mount and it's not the case.

So, I click on the "globals" link and it only mount databases that was running good before.

All other database are not mount and I got an error message : 

ERREUR #5002: Erreur Cache: <NOTOPEN>GetGlobalDirectoryInfoFromDBInf+53^%SYS.DATABASE

Thanks for your help!