· May 18, 2018

REST service works only via VPN

I created a REST service that works well if called via VPN,  for example the url returns a JSON string as expected.
If I replace the ip with the ip used for our public website nothing happens. If I remove the port :57772 the browser returns a 404 error page.
Do I have to use a different port or is this caused by the settings of our web server? (We are using Apache Web Server: Apache Cache_Server_Pages-Apache_Module/2016.1.0.656.0-1601.1554d)  

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Robert,
many thanks for your answer. The url without port 57772 and with port 80 result in a 404 error page. But I must correct myself: we are using IIS not Apache (the Apache module version is only shown in the Cachè-CSP-Gateway-Management page).
I have read here in another post ( that IIS needs an additional file type mapping (*) for REST services. In our system under "Default Web Site" there are for CSPms configured the types csp and cls only. Before I add a wildcard * mapping: are there any considerations about security or system behavior or even system breakdown? (I'm not experienced in IIS configuration...)