· Feb 1, 2023

Request to /MDX2JSON/PivotVariables/Patients?Namespace=IRISAPP show 404 error

When requesting pivot variables from a cube, a 404 error is displayed. What's the problem? Is it IRIS or is it API?




    <TITLE>Not Found</TITLE>




    <H1>Not Found</H1>

    The requested URL /MDX2JSON/PivotVariables/Patients was not found on this server.




Product version: IRIS 2022.2
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HTTP 404 normally states that URL you're requesting does not exist.

This may be due to various reasons... a few that pop up in my mind:

1) web application for MDX2JSON is misconfigured or has another root path 

2) the cube doesn't exist or has a different logical name (cubes can be retrieved here )


Do you receive positive response with /MDX2JSON/Test ?

404 is also returned when there are some permissions issues.
Try to give %All to the user that you calling this API with and see if it helps. If yes -- then this is permissions issue.
Or enable Audit and auditing for Protect event and see if it is logged in Audit when the problem happens

Other idea -- enable ISCLOG, reproduce the problem, disable ISCLOG and see if there are any errors there. ISCLOG is very verbose, so just do one HTTP request with ISCLOG enabled


%SYS>set ^%ISCLOG = 3


%SYS>set ^%ISCLOG = 0


%SYS>zw ^ISCLOG (yes, without %)