William Proctor · May 2, 2019

replacement for Putty connecting to cache

Thanks for all replies in advance.  We have a security vulnerability that we have to get rid of.  We use Putty software to connect to cache as a terminal allowing several users to do maintenance work in cache.  this uses telnet Plain text.  I know that we can configure telnet to be encrypted using the super server service and I'm looking for software that can work like Putty as a terminal using encryption compatible with cache telnet encryption.   If I have cache installed on my PC and setup a connection to the server using Kerberos with encryption and use the terminal option to connect to the server will it be encrypted or will the terminal telnet session still be plain text.  


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If you use Kerberized telnet with encryption, the connection will be encrypted.  To quote the documentation:

"Kerberos with Encryption — Kerberos manages initial authentication, ensures the integrity of all communications, and also encrypts all communications. This involves end-to-end encryption for all messages in each direction between the user and Caché."

Or WebTerminal from the openexchange

I think the best solution would be to configure SSH server, so, you'll be able to use putty as well. If your server on Linux, it should be only SSH. With SSH your connection surely will be encrypted.