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The benefits are:

  • You only need one license key for many servers
  • Server can consume however much licenses it needs, up to a specified max limit.

Use it for multiserver deployments.

Hi Eduard

 But for it to work, the Cache instance will need to have a license key in each server before the License Server to actually work. If without a cache.key, it will not work..Tested using "d $SYSTEM.OBJ.ShowServer()" command. Unless I test it wrongly.


Try this.

1. Stop caché.

2. In  cache.cpf write correct remote license server


where port usually is 4001

3. Start instance

Instance should start and show correct license information.

I have update the cpf file with the following info (removed the cache.key file from my local cache instance)

SERVER 4=,4001

Getting "Licensed to:   License missing or unreadable. " in SMP.  Tried to run the following in Cache instance..

USER>Do $System.License.ShowServer()
Not connected to license server

 Next I shutdown Cache, put back the cache.key into my local instance and start. Then run the command again :

USER>d $SYSTEM.License.ShowServer()
Active license server at address = port = 4001

 In the documentation it also mentioned quote " However, each Caché instance must have a local copy of the authorizing license key file installed " taken from