· Dec 7, 2019


Hot on the heels of the QEWD-JSdb announcement, QEWD-baseline provides a ready-to-run baseline environment for developing REST APIs.

The QEWD-baseline repository ( includes a fully-detailed tutorial on how to build RESY APIs using QEWD and the QEWD-JSdb database (running of course on IRIS).

Included in the tutorial is:

- fully-worked examples, including how to integrate QEWD-JSdb's abstraction of the IRIS database 

- advice on debugging QEWD REST APIs

- how to use QEWD Sessions for user authentication and/or state management

- how to use JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) for user authentication and/or state management

QEWD is the fastest and simplest way to develop secure, industrial-strength and scalable REST APIs with IRIS.   Try it out and see!

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An update: the QEWD-baseline repository now also includes a fully-detailed tutorial on creating interactive, WebSocket-based browser applications

If you want a very rapid way to develop your IRIS applications using WebSockets, and where all your logic is written in JavaScript, and where your IRIS data is accessed as QEWD-JSdb multi-model persistent objects, this is the place to look.

For more info see:
and specifically:

By the way, the same techniques can be applied to Native Mobile application development