· Mar 24, 2022

Purpose of Mirror Monitor Launch Task

The task Mirror Monitor Launch Task recently failed and is placed in Suspend leave. Although it says USER it is not known as a task for us. 

The code runs is HSSYS which is not our main system or namespace for production items. 

The task name is HS.Util.Mirror.Task runs 

If $system.Mirror.IsMember() Do ##class(HS.Util.MirrorMonitorAgent).StartAgent() and just says the description 

/// This is the task definition that Launches the mirror monitor on any mirrored instance

I don't understand why this task runs or what it does. I assume it has just suspeneded as the startAgent() failed. 

We are able to load up Mirror monitor GUI fine and mirroring is completely ok so based on the docs on I don't believe there is an issue but don't know why there is such a task or why it might suddenly fail to work 

It is set to run on any mirror member. 

Product version: HealthShare 2017.2
$ZV: Windows (x86-64) 2017.2.2 (Build 865_0_18321U)
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Hello Mark,

That's a HealthShare Information Exchange / Unified Care Record specific task. The "standard" mirroring docs don't cover it for that reason. As you gleaned from its code, it makes sure the HealthShare mirror agent is running. To be honest, I don't know all the details of what that agent does.

I'd suggest reaching out to the WRC to investigate what happened to cause the task to fail, and they can probably give more details on what the task does. While you're at it, you could also ask why it isn't documented, and poke on why it's listed as a user type task - though I see that many of the HealthShare-specific tasks are "user"-typed, so perhaps that is intended.