Purge timeframe

Hi all.

I was wondering if anyone knew if the purge tasks in Ensemble consider a day to be midnight to midnight, or 24 hours from the time of running the task?


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Check Purge method of Ens.MessageHeader class for example. Here's how it determines cast-off date:

set %tDoNotDeleteDate = $$$timeUTCHtoUTC($s($ztimezone'<0:($H-pDaysToKeep+1)_","_($ztimezone*60),1:($H-pDaysToKeep)_","_($ztimezone*60+86400)))

So 24 hours.

@Eduard Lebedyuk, the code you provided is correct, but it does not do a 24-hour calculation from the moment the purge task is started. Instead, it does a midnight-to-midnight calculation in UTC time.