Gordon Sjostrom · Oct 7, 2022

Promoting DR async to primary, does the ZMIRROR routine run?

Basically the title, I couldn't find anything concrete in the documentation regarding this. The documentation states 'The user-defined ^ZMIRROR routine allows you to implement your own custom, configuration-specific logic and mechanisms for specific mirroring events, such as a failover member becoming primary.' I didn't see any more details on what exactly those mirroring events are besides a failover member becoming primary, which I wasn't sure if that included a DR async becoming primary.

Product version: IRIS 2022.1
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There are four entry points:

  • CanNodeStartToBecomePrimary
  • CheckBecomePrimaryOK
  • NotifyBecomePrimary
  • NotifyBecomePrimaryFailed

None of these entrypoints are related to DR promotion, so the answer is no.

UPD: to clarify none of these entrypoints are related to DR promotion to backup. Becoming primary event would work.

Hi Gordon,

The docs refer to the $$NotifyBecomePrimary tag for becoming primary. I don't believe there's any reason this wouldn't work for promoting a DR async, as the async would necessarily need to be promoted to a failover member in order to become primary.