Nicki Vallentgoed · Mar 9, 2016

project syncing issues

I have 2 projects in atelier, A and B which map to namespace A and B on the same server.

Namespace B has some classes mapped from namespace A.

I then edit a mapped class in project A  and save it(I can see the changes in cache studio as well).

atelier A:


However in project B the class does not change, even if I click the "syncronize all files with associated namespace " button.

atelier B:


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Nicki, did you paste the wrong thing as your second image? Under the title "studio:" I'm seeing an Atelier "Create a New Project" dialog screenshot.


Your website seems to keep the image file names and mine are all captureX.png from taking screenshots.

So you have one from my other posts cached,  try ctrl+F5

That worked. I guess the Developer Community application ought to do a better job with content expiration or something in order to make sure we see the correct images.

Nicki, what is the name of the mapped class?

Specifically, I see that we have a problem if the package name of your class is lower case. I would like to verify that it explains your situation.

The package is "Test".

How does the syncing work?

If I change the class in project A must it automatically update project B?


See my post here for information about Synchronization in Atelier.

To answer the specific question, files can exist in multiple projects in distinct files and are managed independently. However  we have identified a bug as a result of investigating this issue which we are addressing. I'll add more information as it becomes available