Production is not valid - Ens.Config.Production


We are in process of moving our first Production from development to test. We exported our project from Studio. On test server, we cannot Open the Production because it is not a valid production because nothing exists in Ens. Config.Production class. What are we missing? How do we add our Production in Ens.Config.Production?

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Have you tried exporting the production from the Management Portal's Production Configuration | Production Settings | Actions tab, then deploying it to the Test environment through Ensemble | Manage | Deployment Changes | Deploy?

Yup Exactly

It also gives you option to choose all dependent classes so you don't miss any

You can Select Or Unselect the desired ones too


Ens.Config.Production objects are created when you compile your Production.  

Your Production must be in a class that extends Ens.Production and you must have imported it into your target namespace and compiled it there.

As others mentioned, if you export and deploy it, these steps should happen.

Hope this helps,