Lucas Scarduelli · May 30, 2017

Problems using Java Gateway with Caché 2016.1

Hi people,

I am migration my web application of Cache 2013 to Cache 2016, in Cache 2013 I have a integration with a Java aplication using Java Gateway mapping proxy classes and consuming a method that param is a object, and it works perfectly.

But in Cache 2016 this integration don't work, I send the param as object but Cache send as String with the ref of object...

I maked a test, importing two classes used by the Java Gateway (%Net.Remote.Proxy and %Net.Remote.Gateway) of the Cache 2013 to Cache 2016 and integration come back it to works, but I don't see significant changes to justify.

Someone has a same problem?



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Hi Lucas,

I suggest you open a WRC case with Support so that we can look into the details of what is happening here. This may be a problem specific to the environment.



Thanks @Stefan,

I already opened a WRC and it is in investigation for the support, it is really a specific and complex scenery to simulate but it is walking.


Any news I report here for everyone.