Nicki Vallentgoed · Apr 1, 2020

Print from Meditech to Ensemble directly

As per title, is it possible to print from meditech to an ensemble interface directly and has anyone done it?

I see meditech has a port and host option for setting up a printer, so I'm curious.


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Building an interface in Ensemble would require essentially emulating the printing protocol used by Meditech (lpr/lpd?). While that might be fun, I don't know that it's the best use of your time smiley

Depending on your OS platform, it might be possible to route Meditech's printer output to files. This would be done by configuring a custom printer definition on either the Ensemble host or a host that Ensemble has file (ftp/sftp/cifs/etc.) access to. For Unix/Linux, this isn't terribly hard to do with lpd, and I imagine it can be done with CUPS as well.

I know Windows can function as an lpd server, but I'm not sure how you would get its output routed to a file.

Once the printed output is in file form, you could then create a file service in Ensemble to pick up and process it.