Nael Nasereldeen · Jul 27, 2017

Print html file on the Server Side, Using Cache technologies

Hi Guys,

We need to print html reports, in the server side, to a specific printer that is installed on the Cache Server , and using the Internet explorer that is installed on the Cache Server to do that .

We specifically need IE to do the printing, Because we need the  reports to run in compatibility mode.

Until now, we used InternetExplorer Object (ExecWB method), in Activex technology, but this method is not ideal, it forced us to send one print at a time, and change the default printer on the server before every print.

Two question-

Does the Cache itself provide a way to print html files?

If not, Did you implement a solution to a similar need, and can share your experience?



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Hi Nael,

I'd suggest to "print" from IE to PDF first, using CutePDF as a default printer, and then use Adobe Reader or similar tool to print to printer. That should require less scripting of IE and more manageable solution overall.



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