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"Play it again, Sam" - resending Ensemble messages

Prompted by the words Rick didn't actually say to his pianist in Casablanca, I want to draw attention to the the "Resend" button at the top of the Ensemble Message Viewer.

It's pretty easy to use. Find the message or messages you want to resend, set the associated selection checkbox(es), then click the button.

The Message Viewer page is replaced by the Resend Messages page where you can review the message(s) you selected, then proceed. To proceed you typically click "Resend", but if your selection consists of a single message you can alternatively click "Edit and Resend" which allows you to amend the contents of the message body before resending it.

There are a couple of other ways you can affect the resend.

The checkbox titled "Resubmit at head of queue" will ensure that the messages you are about to resend will be handled by their target ahead of any other messages already queued for that target. This could be relevant if the target already has a lot of work waiting for it and you want your resubmitted work to be processed ASAP.

The "New target" dropdown allows you to redirect the resubmission of the selected messages to a target different from the one that the messages were originally sent to. In the Ensemble edition of our Serenji debugger we use this feature to good effect. If you want to investigate in depth the way in which a particular message is handled by your production you can replay it via a Serenji proxy target. This uniquely enables you to step command-by-command through the ObjectScript INT code that implements the services, processes and operations your message uses.

Do you make use of the Resend Messages facility useful in your Ensemble work?

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If you need to resend a large number of messages - check the article / code snippet:

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