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I export/import ^DeepSee.Variables global.

Thank you, Eduard!

But how do you manage it (the global) in CVS? 

And what is the Installer script in case of a global?

Export it as XML. Store in VCS with code. Import with the rest of the code.

Other option is to store it as XData, here's sample code:

XData DisplayProperies
<Export generator="Cache">

/// Set global
/// do ##class(Class.Installer).setGlobal()
ClassMethod setGlobal() As %Status
    #dim sc As %Status = $$$OK
    #dim className As %String = $classname()
    // search for XData: DisplayProperies
    #dim xdata As %Dictionary.CompiledXData = ##class(%Dictionary.CompiledXData).IDKEYOpen(className, "DisplayProperies",, .sc)
    quit:$$$ISERR(sc) sc

    set stream = xdata.Data
    set sc = $system.OBJ.LoadStream(stream, "/displaylog=0 /displayerror=0")
    quit sc

just run $System.OBJ.Export() for your Global and hand over the result to your CVS.

USER>s sc=$system.OBJ.Export("^rcc.GBL","exportTest.txt",,.error,"UTF8")
Exportieren in XML gestartet am 04/01/2018 10:25:26
Exportiere Global: ^rcc

the result is a nice XML structure

and $system.OBJ.Import()  reloads it  

The extension  .GBL is the important thing


Hi, Robert!

Thanks for contributing the answer.

I like that approach as well! Was looking if there is something better).

P.S. I think "UTF8" is not mandatory, cause it is always UTF8 if you consider exporting a Global to XML.