Password change on inbound web-services

We are planning to use Caché users on a SOAP web-service, so the WS-security tokens will be used.
It will be username and password only for now.
The passwords should expire on a regular basis and this will be configured in the system-wide security settings.
The consumer of the web-service should be able to change their password on-demand or when it has expired, via a web-service call.

For the on-demand change, I can create a service method which can be called by the consumer to change the password.

In the case of an expired password, I am unable to figure out how the password can be changed via a service call, once it has expired. There is an option for a Password Change Page on the CSP application configuration, but this will not work, as it is a system connecting to the service and not an end-user.
Does Caché provide a mechanism for password changes on the CSP application security for inbound web-services?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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