Daniel Kutac · Jun 1, 2016

Passing a parameter with slashes to the REST call

I need to pass a parameter string that contains slashes to a REST call.

I tried URL encoding, or making URL map to accept query parameter instead of path parameter but apparently we only allow for path parameters.

I can come with several workarounds, but these involve some transformation at client and then on server, but I'd prefer a direct support.

Q1: is there any Cache specific trick to pass slashes in path parameters

Q2: are we going to support query parameters in REST?

something like this would help: 

<Route Url="/test?var=:var" Method="GET" Call="Test" Cors="true"/>

 Dan Kutac

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I have never actually tried to pass slashes as parameters, but I would guess that it should work if you encode them. I am aware that some systems drop these requests, because it is easy to inject malicious code this way.

Are you receiving a 404 and use Apache? If so, you may have to enable  the AllowEncodedSlashes directive:


Thanks Stefan, yes I used Apache that comes with Cache. Putting directive you suggested solved my issue.


PS: use case = pass pivot name into a rest service, I tend to use slashes to organize my DeepSee stuff into 'folders'


1. JS client sends URL encoded string automatically or almost automatically (most frameworks do URL encoding for any URL)

2. In your broker override OnPreDispatch method and unexcape pURL with:


Q2: It is against core REST architecture principles, so I hope not.

Q2: It is against core REST architecture principles, so I hope not.

That is not entirely true. Filters and action descriptions are commonly exposed as URL parameters as they serve to either specify an action or limit the working set. But you are still operating on the same resource identity.

What you can observe is that REST is just a best practice leveraging HTML. You will find any possible implementation of REST interfaces out there, some are true to the original spirit, some are not.

Anyway, you can fight endless wars about REST  interfaces, but one thing is for sure: URL parameters are commonly used for REST interfaces.

To answer the original question: I don't see a need to add URL parameters to the URL map. They would only add value if we added them as method arguments, but I think that would be very confusing as path variables are passed as arguments at the moment.

You can use the %request.Data property to retrieve the URL parameters.


I have not been able use the %request.Data property with URL parameters in a GET.  Is this now available? The testing I did last week (Just using an external REST tool and passing parameters in different formats) didn't allow me to get any URL body parameters in the %request.Data property. They weren't defined.

Would it be possible to implement a POST instead and pass the information containing the / characters as part of the body rather than the URL?

Yes, it is, but I am not sure if it is applicable to Dan's use case. The biggest technical difference is that GETs are cached by clients, while POSTs must not be cached.

Stefan's initial answer is the best for me. Everything else is just too much work.