· Mar 5, 2019

Passing filter parameters between DeepSee Dashboards

I would like to pass multiple values of a FILTER from one DeepSee DASHBOARD to another DeepSee DASHBOARD. The documentation indicate this can be done via an URL. Are there any examples this type of configuration?

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Did you ever get a resolution to your question?

By values of a filter, do you mean the list of drop down entries that a user would choose in the filter?

If that is what you are asking and assuming your dashboards are all  built from the same cube, you can share filter values across the them  by creating a KPI class ( Extends %DeepSee.KPI) that contains all those shareable common things like filters or actions. Then extend the cube class with this KPI. This way the items of the KPI become available in the dashboards and then it is just a matter of attaching the individual items to widgets of the dashboard.

Hi Vincent!

One of the working examples of DeepSee Dashboard filters promoted via URL you can check here in Developer Community.

If you open your member's page you may click on View Analytics link and open the DeepSee Dashboard with filter parameters in URL, which shows this year postings filtered by Vincent Levesque.

And you may check how this works and even install on your laptop using this repo.