Davidson Espindola · Apr 29, 2017


Hello friends,
I am having the following problem when passing a parameter in the execution of a zen query?
If the parameter has more than 50 characters of the error.
Http://"José Roberval Benedito da Silveira Gonçalves Sobrinho "

Is there a configuration or solution to this problem?


Davidson Espindola

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It is possible to get some errors depends on how long query in your URL. It is not a good idea to have such long values in a query. And such value should be escaped to be valid to place in URL. Instead much better to send data as a form in POST.

50 shouldn't be a problem for URL.  URL length problems starts in thousands. This looks suspiciously like String MAXLEN problem.

Your query parameter is getting mapped to a property in the class, and the default maximum length for string properties is 50 characters. You will need to explicitly set a different MAXLEN for that property if you want it to hold longer strings:

Parameter Name As %String(MAXLEN = 100, ZENURL = "name");

Hi. I get a tablePane with parameters like this: whereClause="Field =?"

When I want to set parameters using "zen(tablePane).parameters[0].value = var

This error message appears:
Cannot set properties of undefined (setting 'value')

What is wrong????