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An overview of npm-iris

What is npm-iris? 

N.P.M stands for "No Project Mess."

N.P.M. is a Project & Task Management app that uses InterSystems IRIS and Bootstrap 4.

No Project Mess is created to help developers and small business companies to reduce complexity in their daily problems, with a simple and intuitive projects and tasks management software. 

It offers different views for your tasks, from a spreadsheet, kanban, calendar, or even Gantt!


Working within different teams, you’ll see different people that prefer different tools. 

So, many times you’ll be using a Gantt chart for a project, a Kanban for another, a list on a paper in other…

N.P.M. goes straight to the task. No matters how you and your team prefer to see them. Just click and change your view.


  • Initial Setup
    • Projects
    • Users
  • Tasks - Create and manage tasks
  • Scheduler – A calendar view for your tasks
  • Kanban – Manage your tasks in Kanban Style
  • Gantt – See your deadlines, milestones, and your progress using a Gantt chart

Roadmap for New features / Improvements 

  • OAuth2 authentication 
  • Security by Project/Team/User
  • Time Tracking
  • Custom Calendar (Holidays)
  • Support for attached files
  • Make use of AppS.REST framework
  • Vue.js Edition
  • Home dashboard to see the general status for the activities

You can try the app here!

If you liked the app and think I deserve your vote, please vote for npm-iris!  laugh

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