· Jan 7, 2022

ORM Sample HL7 for Version 2.8.2

Can you please provide ORM Sample HL7  for Version 2.8.2?

Also, give me all the HL7 Versions supported list for ORM message type.

Product version: IRIS 2019.1
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Since nobody seems to take this, I’ll say what I think. 
First, there is no ’standard’ sample for any ORM, or any other HL7 v2 message. Each application utilizing these messages pose their own interpretations, coding and other requirements on the applicable message exhange. IRIS for Health provides a nice virtual document (vDOC) to view and manipulate HL7 messages and exposes all valid fields according to selected HL7 version schema. 

If you are looking to provide a messaging service using HL7 v2 messages with a party, you can pick an choose pretty much how you use the message format. If the orher party already has that defined, you should ask them to provide the samples for you.