Rob Rubinson · Dec 23, 2021

ODBC35 driver

Where can I download the ODBC35 driver version 2018.1.4 64 bit?

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ODBC drivers can be downloaded from :

WRC download > Components > ODBC Drivers  has
ODBC Driver, Cache and Ensemble, 2018.1....  several build for all supported Platforms


you get access if your product has a service contract with ISC
WRC = Worldwide Response Center

thanks, and if I just need to download a driver, is it possible?

Whoever provided your Cache and Ensemble, 2018.1
should be able to do it. If he has a contract


I  checked and it is in the WRC Internal Distributions under 'Components' and the following releases are available for 2018.1. 4:




thanks, but I dont have access to WRC

Rob, if your organization has support from InterSystems, then there is usually one of your colleagues who manages the people who have WRC credentials.  They should be able either to download the driver you need or to request credentials for you.  If you think you should have credentials, or you forgot username/password, send a request to asking for credentials (use your organization's email).