Robert Barbiaux · Oct 21, 2021

ObjectScript syntax highlighting support in GitLab

GitLab is using the rouge ruby gem, that apparently does not support ObjectScript at the moment. Is there an easy way to add syntax highlighting to GitLab ?

Product version: IRIS 2021.1
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At the moment we have only TextMate-based grammar in public, which is used in VSCode and on GitHub. I see no way of conversions from TextMate to Rouge. So, the only way would be to implement it from scratch. Not so easy, but still possible. 

I can do it, I have some experience in such tasks, but don't have so much spare time at the moment. Would be interested in investing in the project?

Thank you Dmitry, I unfortunately am also quite busy and have no spare time to invest on this nice to have at the moment.
It is certainly possible to use the TextMate grammar as basis to write a lexer class for Rouge.
I'll let you known if I get started on this !