Rich Taylor · Jun 15, 2016

Oauth 1.0 library

I am in need of a routine or class method to generate an Oauth 1.0 signature.  I was about to code this myself, but thought to check first to see if anyone has already done this and is willing to share.

Thanks in advance for any help.

[UPDATE  06/28/2016]

As there appears to not be a readily available solution I created a class to provide Oauth 1.0 authentication.  This class is attached in a zip file.  Methods are provided that generate a signature for a given URL request based on a consumer key and consumer secret.  Note that the only tested use case is in the last leg authentication to an application using Oauth 1.0.   That is it does not support the workflow to request access to the application (see for a discussion on Oauth 1)

Rich Taylor

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sorry Rich. this seems to be outdated.
all examples in OEX refer to Oauth 2.0

Most likely true. I posted this in 2016 and even then it was a limited use case.  Still thought, at the time, that it would help someone get started.  As you noted it is quite out of date now