· Jan 9, 2019

Numeric Function in Rule Editor

I would like to know if there is a built in function that checks a value in the rule editor to see if it is numeric.

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There's no default function to do it, but you can easily develop your own custom function. There's $IsValidNum ObjectScript function, which could be used to check that variable is a number. So something like this should work:

/// Functions to use in rule definitions.
Class Custom.Functions Extends Ens.Rule.FunctionSet

/// Returns 1 if a string is a number, 0 otherwise
ClassMethod IsValidNumber(string As %String) As %Boolean [ CodeMode = expression, Final ]


The ClassMethod IsNumeric(...) seems to contain three SET statements that do nothing more than copy data around.  The following is equivalent (without data copies)

ClassMethod IsNumeric(value As %StringAs %Boolean
 { QUIT $ISVALIDNUM(value)  }

And this implementation of IsNumeric is equivalent to the first answer, ClassMethod  IsValidNumber(...) by  Eduard Lebedyuk except the IsNumeric ClassMethod does not have the [ FINAL ] attribute.

Here is a method we built for our use.

ClassMethod IsNumeric(value As %String) As %Boolean
//Load value into local var tNumber
set tNumber = value

//Use $extract to get the FULL VALUE into an internal format for $isvalidnum
set tFullValue = $EXTRACT(tNumber,1,$length(tNumber))

//Use $isvalidnum to check if the full value is numeric (ex: 123456789 = true, 123456789x = false)
set tNumberIsValid = $ISVALIDNUM(tFullValue)

//At this point, we simply return tNumberIsValid (it will either be 1, true or 0, false)
quit tNumberIsValid