November DC Release: Answering and Commenting Improvements

Hi, Community!

It's November and we have a new Developer Community release!

What's new? 

1. Answer and Comment buttons

For every question, you can post either an answer to answer the question or a comment to ask for details or supply details or post everything else which is not an answer to the question.

With this release, we introduced Answer and Comment buttons at the right bottom of every question which will open inplace editor either for an answer or to comment the question. 


2. Answers first

In every question first you would see answers sorted in descendent order, then comments.

And we made accepted answers more visible.

3. Long Readable Conversations

We made long conversations more readable: increased the width of  the whole Developer Community page, narrowed the indent of new level of conversation, made some other enhancements to make long threaded conversations more readable even with deep levels. Example. So let's go deeper with InterSystems technology discussions!

4. Cosmetic enhancements

We moved social sharing buttons in the top right corner of the post. 

All the post stats are in the left bottom corner now.

We also fixed a bunch of bugs, introduced a set of new ones, so there will be a new release soon, better, faster and more convenient! Stay tuned!

Leave your feedback and requests here in comments and in Community Feedback group.