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I'm looking for information, suggestions, video (courses) on make a lot more use of the documatic system already built into Cache,

Probably talked of before within this forum, but after an hour or two of searching, can't find the articles that I mmay have seen before.

I want to do a lot more documenting of my installation, we use and actively comment classes and methods, but I want to take it further by actually documenting the "why" and high level "how" my system works. Documatic seems a good place to put that knowledge.

This may, but probably not after your suggestions, involve creating a class called "howMySystemWorks", starting the documentation within documatic, but then by using various tricks, turn that in to the Wiki of "my system"

Suggestions, ideas,

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Hi, Kevin!

There is a good article by @Vitaliy Serdtsev related to the topic (Russian to English translation).



thanks for that link.

Can you suggest where I can find the zip file this artical refers to please, Ive tried to find it through google translate, and even visiting in the original language (I'm fluent enough to recognise "??.zip" files in the text - ha ha ) to see if I can obtain the zip file its referring to, but no joy.

Here you can download an archive.

But note that article will soon be six years.


Thanks for the article and the links, any source may? be a good source even when its 6 years old.  Luckily for us, cache is still cache.




there a bunch of excellent examples in standard classes e.g



And they are also in source on your system.
So it's easy to see how special Tags are used.


Thanks Robert. I'll look at those classes.

one of the bits of info I was missing (obtained from Evgeny's reply) was that is DocBook.Utils thats doing the work. There's a lot of clues there.

I've been hunting through the %SYS classes and documatic, but no joy.