Next Word Behavior

When using Atelier on COS ctrl-left and ctrl-right considers a word to start on each capital letter in variable names. So if you are on the word:


The cursor will stop on the capital U, S, and N. Same thing in javascript files, but NOT in css files. In Studio it didn't use to stop on capital letters in variable names etc. Personally I consider this very annoying and requires a lot more key presses to jump across code to the right spot.

Is this behavior changeable to NOT stop on capital letters?


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This isn't an Atelier-specific issue, it's Eclipse.

The Java editor for Eclipse has an option for changing the behavior of Ctrl-Left/Ctrl-Right, but as far as I know that's the only one that changes the default.

This is something ISC could change, but I suspect there would have to be significant demand for it.

If you go in Atelier menu to Windows > Preferences
and in there to  General > Keys  you find the definition for Ctrl+right / Ctrl+left

This tells me it's deep embedded in Eclipse. But can be changed:

I found ~ 1800 keymaps on Eclipse Marketplace
and for MS Visual Studio keymap (which might be closest) still 83 hits.

To summarize: it's NOT a configuration issue as long as you don't have something ready to include.
It might take some time to find a useful one.