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NewBie's Corner Session 3 More Read and Write commands & Multiple commands

NewBie's Corner Session 3 More Read and Write commands & Multiple commands

Welcome to NewBie's Corner, a weekly or biweekly post covering basic Caché Material.

Click on the Caché Cube in your system tray and select Terminal to try out the commands.

Write command with carriage return and line feed

When the exclamation point "!" is inserted after a Write command, a carriage return and line feed combination is produced. Note in this example, that a comma separates the exclamation point from the variable "X".

Set X=12
Write !,X
                                                ; carriage return and line feed inserted here

Multiple variables may be set with one Set command and the Write command does the same

Set X=12,Y=13,Z=14         ;single Set command with variables separated by commas
Write X,Y,Z                          ;single Write command with multiple variables

Now here is where the carriage return and line feed come in

Write !,X,!,Y,!,Z

Other Read and Write operators

Exclamation point (!) – Inserts a carriage return / line feed (already shown)

Hash symbol (#)

        The Hash symbol or pound sign (#) serves two purposes:

                Write # - inserts a formfeed

                             Write #,"Just after a formfeed" 

Read – limits the number of characters' read

                Read entry#5    ; will accept the first 5 characters only

                Integer required

Question mark (?) - Write advancing a number of spaces from the beginning of the line

                               Write ?10,"Now is the time"   ;   will start writing at column 10

                Integer required

Colon (:) - Read command timer

                Read entry:5    ; will only wait 5 seconds before terminating read

Integer required

--Mike Kadow

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