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New WRC Customer Interface

New WRC Customer Interface


Come check out the new WRC interface we have made available to supported customer. 

Some of the new features available to you are:


                Organization Dashboard – gives an overview of your organizations activity for this year

                Bug / Enhancement (prodlog) History – you can now look at all the prodlogs your organization has entered.  This table will show you the current status, planned version the fix should be in and the correction key for prodlogs that are fixed.

                Adhoc History – review all the completed adhocs you have received.  Look at a detailed view of all the changes for a give adhoc branch (all the changes you have for a given version)

                Change History – review, track and comment (for your use) on changes Development has made related to your WRC issues.

                Search – We have a new search page that uses our own iKnow technology to let you quickly search your WRC issues.


All of these tables let you sort by the different columns, filter by different columns, and export results to a csv file.  Each page has an Info icon in the upper right to help you understand each page.  We still have to rewrite some pages and we have a couple of new features in the works so stay tuned.


If you have any question or comments I would love to hear them.  Post them right here or send me an email:


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How about to add basic authorization to WRC.

Now it is not possible to download some distributive from WRC in one command in Linux. In first, you should send login and password as a form, save cookies after some redirects. And then it will be possible to download with this cookies. And this command looks so big.

wget -qO /dev/null --keep-session-cookies --save-cookies /dev/stdout --post-data="UserName=$WRC_USERNAME&Password=$WRC_PASSWORD" '' \
 | wget -O - --load-cookies /dev/stdin "$cache-lnxrhx64.tar.gz" \
 | tar xvfzC - . 

I would expect to see a much easiest way.

​curl -u $WRC_USERNAME:$WRC_PASSWORD\?FILE\=/wrc/distrib/$cache-lnxrhx64.tar.gz
 | tar xvfzC - .

Is it possible to do it, or maybe you can recommend some other way?

And also, will be good to get some API, where I could ask for link to latest version, or for some particular major version, e.g. 2017.1, and for particular platform. So, I could use it to download latest version.