· Jul 17, 2019

New Video: Natural Language Processing with InterSystems IRIS

Hi Community!

You're very welcome to watch a new video on InterSystems Developers YouTube, recorded by @Benjamin De Boe, InterSystems Product Manager:

Natural Language Processing with InterSystems IRIS
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This video provides a quick overview of what kinds of problems InterSystems IRIS’ NLP capabilities can solve. The technology is available in the Community Edition, so no reason not to spend the first five minutes of your lunch break watching the video, and the remaining time on kicking the tires!


Additional materials to the video you can find on the InterSystems Video Portal.

Enjoy and stay tuned!yes

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IRIS NLP, previously known as iKnow, is an embedded technology, meaning it's there in the form of APIs. These articles on building a domain and using the knowledge portal should be a helpful start, as is this series of step-by-step videos (which are a little older I'll admit; start with the "fundamentals" one) and of course other articles on the developer community tagged for iKnow.