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· Aug 23

New Timeout Introduced for Client-bound ItemSets within CCR

CCR Client ItemSets now have a "stale" cut-off time. When a client-bound ItemSet is created in CCR, a user has 24 hours to deploy it to any environments. After 24 hours, this ItemSet is no longer deployable or downloadable. The deploy links will be disabled and instead the user will notice a "Refresh ItemSet" option which will create a new ItemSet. Users can then use this fresh ItemSet to deploy their changes, see below:

Stale ItemSet:

Fresh ItemSet:

The motivation for this change is to prevent old ItemSets from overwriting changes to files that have been updated elsewhere since the ItemSet's creation. This will reduce conflicts and unintentionally lost work. Please let us know of any issues or questions regarding this new behavior, user feedback is welcome and encouraged!

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