· Jan 25, 2023

New Global Masters badges - for reviews on Open Exchange

Hi Community, 

We launched an integration between Open Exchange and Global Masters. Now, when you leave reviews for applications on OEX - you are getting points and badges automatically, no need for any extra steps! You get:

💰 200 points automatically for each published review on Open Exchange.

🏆 Bonus points and badges for a number of reviews:

Open Exchange Reviewer Badge
1st published review
200 bonus points
  Advanced Open Exchange Reviewer Badge
5 published reviews
500 bonus points

Bronze Open Exchange Reviewer
10 published reviews

1000 bonus points

Silver Open Exchange Reviewer
25 published reviews

2500 bonus points
  Gold Open Exchange Reviewer
50 published reviews
5000 bonus points

Reviews help other developers to find the right application faster. Reviews also provide valuable feedback for the application's author.
We'd love to see more reviews on Open Exchange!

You can leave a review in a few simple steps:


Not a Global Masters member yet? Log in using your InterSystems SSO credentials to join the program.

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