Anastasia Dyubaylo · Jul 12, 2019

New Coding Talk: Locking in InterSystems ObjectScript

Hi Everyone!

You're very welcome to watch the new video on InterSystems Developers YouTube, recorded by @Sourabh Sethi  in a new format called "Coding Talks":

Locking in InterSystems ObjectScript


In this video, we all are going to do a deep dive into a very common yet complex topic: locks in InterSystems ObjectScript.
In this video, we will start from the very basics to the most complex and interesting aspects of locks and data integrity.

Recommended Audience: All developers who are aware of MUMPS or Caché Objects.

Codeset you can find here.

For any questions, please write to @Sourabh Sethi at

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Thank you for another interesting video. However, if the sound quality was better, it would make the viewing much more enjoyable. Simply use lavalier microphone and adjust the compression for much better results.

Hi Pasi,

Thanks for your feedback! We will take into account your preferences.