Chris Stewart · Jan 20, 2016

Nested Tabs on ZEN component


I'm starting to play around with dynamically creating tabs and panes from query data, and was trying to do the following, with nested tabs.

Tab Group

High level tabs

Sub Tab Group

Sub tabs from the High level tabs.

So I have built up my page with a placeholder top level tab group, then creating and added child tabs to this, then from this level, I have created a new Tab Group programatically, and programmatically added tabs to this new group.  However, all I am getting is the top level of tabs, with all of the leaf data concatenated under it.  Does ZEN allow nesting of tab groups programatically, or do I have to define them statically on the page?



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This should definitely work. Are you setting the showTabBar property to true for the nested tabGroup? If not, that might explain why nothing is showing up.

Fixed it.  Was setting that property, but to "true" rather than to 1.  Rookie mistake