Multiline method argument display in Atelier?

Studio supports an option to display arguments using multiple lines. Is there an equivalent option for Atelier? The Studio setting is under Tools->Options,  Environment->Class and is controlled by the "Multiline method arguments" flag.

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Hi Dale, 

As far as I know, it's not yet supported. I will log this request and keep you updated.



Studio reformats some class parts, such as Methods defenitions when you save it.

But as I know feature Atelier, stores class definition as is, so you do not need more such option, just format class as you need, and it should keep so.

Dmitry is correct - this is simply a feature of Atelier.


ClassMethod getPerson(
ByRef pParms,
Output pObject As %RegisteredObject
) As %Status


This is perfectly legal and works just fine.