Dale du Preez · Jun 21, 2016

Multiline method argument display in Atelier?

Studio supports an option to display arguments using multiple lines. Is there an equivalent option for Atelier? The Studio setting is under Tools->Options,  Environment->Class and is controlled by the "Multiline method arguments" flag.

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Hi Dale, 

As far as I know, it's not yet supported. I will log this request and keep you updated.



Studio reformats some class parts, such as Methods defenitions when you save it.

But as I know feature Atelier, stores class definition as is, so you do not need more such option, just format class as you need, and it should keep so.

Dmitry is correct - this is simply a feature of Atelier.

ClassMethod getPerson(
ByRef pParms,
Output pObject As %RegisteredObject
) As %Status

This is perfectly legal and works just fine.